5 Tips to Get Your Lawn in Mint Condition

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Lawns are often used for aesthetic purposes and keeping ones yard more beautiful but a healthy lawn is also important to our environment. Thus, keeping your lawn well maintained can make a big difference to you and to your surroundings. Here’s how to edge your lawn to perfection.

Mow it

Mow it first to trim grass along edges. Set the mower on the highest setting this allows longer grass blades to grow and support more roots and develop a deeper root system that is better able to find water and nutrients in the soil.

Trim it

Use a string trimmer to edge a lawn, avoid cutting grasses too short. It is advisable to trim side to side so cuttings will be thrown away from you.

Follow a Path

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Make edging along sidewalk, driveway and landscapes. Keep the trim line in the small spaces between the grass and hard surface. If the grass grew longer on the surface, cut it a little back by trimming the edges.

Water Properly

Water your grasses more frequently if it had been cut short all season. But for regular watering, an inch of water serves as a common rule, just be sure to water your grass between 6 am and 10 am, to help reduce wasteful evaporation. Learn Watering New Grass Seed to Create the Perfect Lawn.

Learn Pest Control

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Keeping your lawn free from bugs is also important but using pesticide is not the best solution to this problem. Know pest control treat pests when possible, such as mowing your lawn higher to shade out weeds or planting more disease-resistant types of grasses and use pesticide only when needed.

Pest Control involves:

Pulling out of weeds

Use your hand or a long-handled weed puller to pull weeds. Vinegar is said to an effective weed remover too.

Mulch Your Lawn

Cover your garden beds by mulching, this will help you retain moisture in the soil, avoid weeds, and keep the soil cool.

If there is no choice but to use pesticide make sure the product you use is safe to you and your family. Make sure that you are using the right pesticide. If possible, search for an organic pesticide that is safer to use.

Your lawn plays a huge role to you and your family, it serves not just a decoration of your yard but also a place where your kids can play. Your lawn also produces oxygen while giving you little cooler surroundings. Thus, learning proper lawn care is important to maintain its many beneficial factors and save you time and money.

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