9 Ways to Maximize Your Garden Space

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Worried about having a small garden space? It has more potential than you think, a narrow space or cramped backyard can do endless possibilities.

Below are 9 ways to transform and maximize your small garden.

Raise Small Garden Beds


It is possible to have no room for garden plots if you have a small garden space. Raising garden beds may help you build a garden you want as it doesn’t require plot and it easier to maintain.

A neat, tidy and properly built garden box are more aesthetically pleasing to eyes and there are a lot of ways to arrange it too.

Make Use of Walls

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Maximize all your space by using the walls, use hanging planters vertically on your wall to hold plants or herbs. You can also customize it the way you want or even use recycled materials.

Plant a Tree

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A small space cannot stop you in planting a tree, you can still plant a tree growing maximum height of 10ft. Plant dwarf trees that can be put in large pots, shaped and moved to different areas of your garden.

Spiral Out

If you have a small garden plot you can maximize it by using the spiral technique. You can stack plants vertically and horizontally to maximize your space. This technique also allows you to position and separate plants based on the amount of water, light, and space they require.

Reuse tin cans

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Repurpose the cans you have at some, spray some paint, plant small flowers on it and hang them on your garden. 

Use Artificial Turf Grass

Your small space might not have a soil that can grow grasses but worry no more since you can buy artificial turf grass. It can make your small garden more beautiful and is also ideal for your pets and kids to play to.

Plant Vegetables in Containers

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Beans, Spinach and Kale are some of the vegetables that grow easily in containers that can be easily put into your small space. 

Add Shelves

Adding different levels of the shelf into your small garden can make more space and you can have a place to show off your cactus and plants that are well arranged in pots.

Take Note of the Colours

Make sure how to incorporate colours to your garden, brightly coloured plants can make your garden look lighter and bigger.

Worry no more about your small space and have an aesthetic garden at your home with the tips given. There are more ways to enjoy gardening even you have a big yard. Just make sure you know the basics and follow the guides.

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