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3 Eco-friendly Appliances You Should Start Using

Buying eco-friendly appliances can be more expensive than the usual appliances you have at home, but in the long run, buying eco-friendly models can help you save because those appliances are more energy-efficient and also helps the environment.

Switching to green practices at home starts with replacing your appliances, the old home appliances models tend to consume more energy and has hazardous materials that can harm the environment. Modern appliances nowadays have improved technology that lessens the consumption of electricity.

Below is a list of home appliances that you should replace with the Eco-friendly ones.


It is one of the most useful home appliances that is used all year round. Thus, it consumes the most electricity.

When buying a new refrigerator consider the type of coolant used - CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) and HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons) are both harmful for the ozone layer but HFC has shorter atmospheric lifetime and deliver less reactive chlorine than the CFC.

The smaller refrigerators also consume less energy than the larger ones, so it is more advisable to buy a small one. Refrigerators with automatic ice makers are also an energy monster because it uses up to 20% more electricity.

Washing Machine

These days, there are a lot of manufacturing companies that focus more on producing eco-friendly washing machines that cut down consumption of detergent, energy and water. Horizontal axis washing machines are trendy nowadays, these machines are more energy efficient and water efficient than top loading machines.

Different brands use new technology on their washing machine products, some top loaders can be water efficient too with the smart features installed. Using a dryer for your clothes contributes to energy consumption too, even though smart dryers exists. You might want to consider drying your clothes in the sun to save more energy.


TV is one of the appliances at home that people use on a daily basis. LCD screened TV replaces the old CRT televisions, it is more energy efficient because it uses only one backlight to produce images on screen unlike the CRT or Cathode-ray Tube.

The most energy efficient choice for a TV is to purchase a screen that is less than the 42-inch LCD Screen because a bigger screen does not help you save and will just consume more energy.

Some electronic brands also use smart ways to lessen energy consumption of their product. LED (light-emitting diode) and OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs are also energy efficient TVs and might probably be trending in the future.

No matter what appliances you look for, make sure that you ask how many kilowatts per hour the appliances consume. Make sure you know how to properly clean the appliance too and recycle the old ones that you replaced.

Never hesitate to switch to smart brands and new technology just because it is expensive, often times the more expensive the appliance is, the more energy efficient they are.

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9 Ways to Maximize Your Garden Space

Worried about having a small garden space? It has more potential than you think, a narrow space or cramped backyard can do endless possibilities.

Below are 9 ways to transform and maximize your small garden.

Raise Small Garden Beds


It is possible to have no room for garden plots if you have a small garden space. Raising garden beds may help you build a garden you want as it doesn’t require plot and it easier to maintain.

A neat, tidy and properly built garden box are more aesthetically pleasing to eyes and there are a lot of ways to arrange it too.

Make Use of Walls

Maximize all your space by using the walls, use hanging planters vertically on your wall to hold plants or herbs. You can also customize it the way you want or even use recycled materials.

Plant a Tree

A small space cannot stop you in planting a tree, you can still plant a tree growing maximum height of 10ft. Plant dwarf trees that can be put in large pots, shaped and moved to different areas of your garden.

Spiral Out

If you have a small garden plot you can maximize it by using the spiral technique. You can stack plants vertically and horizontally to maximize your space. This technique also allows you to position and separate plants based on the amount of water, light, and space they require.

Reuse tin cans

Repurpose the cans you have at some, spray some paint, plant small flowers on it and hang them on your garden. 

Use Artificial Turf Grass

Your small space might not have a soil that can grow grasses but worry no more since you can buy artificial turf grass. It can make your small garden more beautiful and is also ideal for your pets and kids to play to.

Plant Vegetables in Containers

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Beans, Spinach and Kale are some of the vegetables that grow easily in containers that can be easily put into your small space. 

Add Shelves

Adding different levels of the shelf into your small garden can make more space and you can have a place to show off your cactus and plants that are well arranged in pots.

Take Note of the Colours

Make sure how to incorporate colours to your garden, brightly coloured plants can make your garden look lighter and bigger.

Worry no more about your small space and have an aesthetic garden at your home with the tips given. There are more ways to enjoy gardening even you have a big yard. Just make sure you know the basics and follow the guides.

3 ways feature 1024x682 - 3 Ways We Can Promote the Green Industry

3 Ways We Can Promote the Green Industry

The so-called Green Industry involves methods that are environmentally sustainable and more efficient use of resources in production. Clean production, energy conservation, resource efficiency, and adopting eco-friendly designs and low carbon technology are part of the Green Industry.

This involves ensuring that what you do does not harm the environment for a sustainable and viable future.

It promotes sustainability, countries that invest in the green industry developed in many ways without degrading the environment. Learn more about the Green Industry initiative.

Below are some simple way for green practices.

Practice the Use of Green Energy

Renewable energy reduces emissions of greenhouse gases and reduces the use of fossil fuels that cause the greenhouse effect and climate change. Aside from its advantages in the environment, the use of renewable energy can also help you save money in the long run because the maintenance and operating costs are lower compared to non-renewable resources.

Pollution Control

This involves controlling air pollution in air, water, and land by minimizing the emissions of greenhouse gasses that contribute to pollution. The government aids in Pollution control by implementing laws to ensure that industrial units adopt measures to control pollution.

Adopt Green Practices at Home

You can go green and help our environment by starting a green practice at home.

Save energy as much as possible

Make use of natural lighting and turn off appliances when you are not using them.

Reduce Waste

Use recyclable bags instead of plastic bags when shopping and replace disposable tissues, spoon, fork, knives and cups into reusable ones.

Invest in Eco-Friendly Appliances

This will be useful not only for the environment but for yourself in the long run, eco-friendly appliances help in conserving energy and reduces harmful effects in the environment. Read 3 Eco-friendly Appliances You Should Start Using.

The Green Industry might look complicated and hard to attain but with enough government support and every little way an individual can do such as green practices, it can be maintained and help the world become more sustainable in the future.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how you can help the environment by implementing green practices while gardening.